Juventus vs Real Madrid – the UEFA Champions League Final

Juventus and Real Madrid made the UEFA Champions League final at Cardiff by eliminating Monaco, respectively Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals, proving both of my predictions from the last blog post wrong.

It was bound to happen, though…

Now, the Cardiff final will be the 19th meeting between Juventus and Real Madrid in European cometitons and a rematch of the 1998 UCL final at Amsterdam. Last time the two teams met it was in the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League semi-finals, when Juve eliminated Real Madrid in the semi-finals only to lose the final against Barcelona at Berlin.

Now, looking at these two teams it’s hard to make a prediction because any of them can end up lifting the trophy. Juventus’ good defensive playing style is bringing flashbacks of their rivals Inter in 2010 (to the point the chances of becoming the second Italian team to win a treble are very realistic), while Real Madrid has a top attack and an organised defense and they are up in the race of becoming the first team to defend their trophy in the new format.

UEFA Champions League Semi-finals analysis

Hello, today we’ll talk, thorough, about the Champions League draws.

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

Despite their unbeaten run in La Liga from 2013 until the 0-3 on Vicente Calderon last autumn, Atletico has never managed to beat Real in the UEFA Champions League. The two sides met in two finals (2014 and 2016), as well as in the 1958/59 semi-final and 2014/15 quarter-final; all meetings were won by Real. Given Atletico’s highly underperforming season and their lack of mentality against their bitter rivals, I’d go on and say Real are favorites on making the final this year. However… no team has managed to defend their trophy in the current format yet and Atletico might seek revenge for all these times they were kicked out by their local rivals. I think it’s going to be an interesting fixture.

Monaco vs Juventus

It’s the third meeting in the Champions League between the two sides, the previous (1997/98 semi-finals and 2014/15 quarter-finals) being won by the Bianconeri. Also, Monaco are clinching their first semi-final since 2004, while Juventus lost the 2015 final vs Barcelona. Most regard Juve as favorites, with their fast attacking style and very good defence led them to being compared with their rivals Inter Milan in 2010, but Monaco has what it takes to break the odds again: they have a very good attack, able to score goals on away games and play like lions in their home matches.


I think the 2017 UEFA Champions League final is going to be Monaco vs Atletico Madrid. What makes me say that? Well, both teams have a history of being knocked out by the teams they are facing and some things need to end. It’s now or never for both of them.